Student Expectations

Student Expectations & Policies

Studying in a Canadian school is a great adventure and can be a lot of fun. It's also a privilege, which means that there are certain guidelines students are expected to follow in order to make the experience the best it can be.

Student Participation Agreement

Students and their parents participating in the Red Deer Catholic International Services Program recognize that they must agree to abide by the conditions of this Participation Agreement:

  1. The students must obey the laws of Canada, the Province of Alberta and follow the rules, guidelines, and policies of Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools (RDCRS) and the school in which the student is enrolled.
  2. The student must follow all specific school and Division regulations regarding attendance, course responsibilities, and behaviour. The student must attend school on a daily basis and adhere to school-based attendance policies.
  3. The following specific rules apply to all international students:
    • Students are not allowed to possess, purchase or use illegal drugs.
    • Students are not allowed to possess, purchase or drink alcoholic beverages.
    • Students are not allowed to purchase, possess or shoot guns or have weapons of any type.
    • Students are not permitted to drive any motor vehicle while participating in the program.
    • Students must not participate in any sexual contact or activity that is inappropriate.

An infraction of the above rules may result in immediate dismissal from the program.

  1. By law, students are not permitted to purchase tobacco products.
  2. Students must always be aware of their responsibility as international students and make a determined effort to represent their country in a positive manner.
  3. Students should make an effort to immerse themselves into the Canadian culture.
  4. Students are not permitted to visit such places as pornographic shops, adult theatres or drinking establishments.
  5. The student's reports on attendance, academics, and emotional/psychological concerns can be shared with parents, custodian, school and Division personnel in order to provide the necessary guidance and assistance for student success.
  6. The student and family acknowledge that based on the information in the application, RDCRS has the right to make educational decisions, including placement and program selections in the best interest of the student within the available resources.
  7. The student and family understand and agree that inaccuracies in the application or failure to abide by the above conditions may result in immediate dismissal from Red Deer Catholic International Student Services Program without refund of fees. If it is determined by the program that the student's education needs are greater than disclosed in the application, Red Deer Catholic International Student Services Program can send the student home at the parent's expense.

Student Travel Policy

Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools encourage international students to travel outside of the city of Red Deer while they are in Canada. All trips outside of the city of Red Deer must be pre-planned and approved by the host family and the RDCRS Homestay Coordinator. The primary concern with travel outside of the city is to ensure the safety of the student while they are travelling.

  1. Students may travel out of the city with their host families. The host family is asked to communicate with the Homestay Coordinator if the trip will be an overnight trip.
  2. With prior approval of the host family and homestay coordinator, students may travel out of town with another active Host Family from our Homestay program.

Under any other circumstances, all of the following conditions must be met for trips outside of the city of Red Deer:

  1. Requests for the trip must be given at least one week prior the planned trip. The initial request should be made to the host family for approval. The Host Family will then contact the Homestay Coordinator for approval. Under special circumstances and provided the safety and security of the student is assured, requests will be considered in less time than one week.
  2. The student must be under the direct supervision of an adult 25 years or older. Our Homestay Program will contact the adult to ensure that the student is under the care of a responsible adult.
  3. The student's natural parent must provide written or email communication indicating that they are aware of and approve the trip.
  4. The student must provide details of the proposed trip with contact information of the supervising adult, dates of trip and general itinerary for the trip.
  5. The student must receive approval for the trip by the Homestay Coordinator or RDCRS International Program prior to incurring any expenses associated with the proposed trip. This policy applies to all students registered in our International Program regardless of age

This policy applies to all students registered in our International Student Services Program regardless of age

Graduation Policy

In recognition that international students may be interested in experiencing a Canadian high school graduation ceremony, the following policy provides this opportunity for all international high school students under the following conditions:

  1. Short term high school students registered in the international program for one year or less and regardless of grade placement may attend both the graduation ceremony and the graduation banquet if one is held. Attendance at the graduation banquet is at their expense and the student is limited to the number of tickets as set by the school Grad Committee.
  2. Long term international students may attend both the ceremony and the banquet during the year that they will graduate. The student will be responsible for all costs related to their participation in graduation.
  3. International students are not allowed to participate in SAFE Grad activities. The SAFE Grad function is not a school sponsored activity and students are not covered through our district liability insurance.
  4. Although Dry Grad activities are not school sponsored events, international students registered in Grade 12 or of Grade 12 age may participate if their host family agrees. Because alcohol is not involved in this activity, participation in this event is similar to other home-based activities that international students engage in with the permission of their host family.