Medical Information

Medical Insurance is Mandatory in Canada

 All international students must have health insurance for the duration of their time in Canada. We will register all international students for medical insurance at the time of application. Students will be covered using Studyinsured during the duration of their time in Canada. This insurance is covered as part of our tuition fees. 

For a complete description of our medical policy including translation of our policy in many languages, be sure to check out studyinsured's website.

Be sure to watch this helpful orientation video explaining your medical coverage and the procedures to follow in case you require medical assistance. Please note that StudInsured  website has the video available in many other languages.

Do you need a quick reference of what is covered? Look at this quick reference guide.

This document helps explain when to see a doctor.

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Health and Wellness Insurance

When to make a claim

Studyinsured would like to emphasize that students must call the emergency assistance team, Intrepid 24/7, if they are visiting an Emergency Room (ER) and/or undergoing treatment, procedures, or assessments for serious medical conditions. The main reason we ask this is that many high-level emergencies require pre-approval or, at a very minimum, need to have a case file opened.

Intrepid 24/7 must be notified ASAP if a student:

  • is being hospitalized for any reason
  • requires surgery of any kind (including dental)
  • needs an MRI or CT scan
  • is seeking medical attention of any kind outside of Canada

Intrepid 24/7 should be notified if a student:

  • needs to see a specialist (dermatologist, for example)
  • is going to the ER for any reason

For visits to a local clinic for something minor, a notification call is not required. However, it could help accelerate the claims process, so calling ahead is always encouraged!

Toll-Free: 1-866-883-9787 


Please contact International Student Services to assist you when making a claim.

Alberta Health Care

Students who will be remaining in Alberta for the second year may be eligible for Alberta Health Care. For more information, contact Alberta Health as follows:

In Person: 727 - 7 Avenue S.W. Calgary, Alberta

Telephone: 403-310-0000, then dial 780-427-1432


Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan Form

Please note: Students that decide to access Alberta Health Care as their primary medical policy must make their own arrangements for coverage and provide evidence of medical coverage through Alberta Health. A photocopy of their Alberta Health care card must be submitted to the RDCRS International Student Services office. Students under Alberta Health will be responsible for the administration of their medical policy.