Application Process

Registering Online

STEP 1: To register and start filling out the application:

If you need some help/instruction, please follow the link to the agent portal guides or the family portal guide on the above-mentioned sites.

STEP 2: You will need to gather, scan and upload the following documents into the online application.

  • A copy of your passport with photo.
  • Transcript of achievement marks for the past two consecutive years in English.
  • A completed medical record indicating current immunizations and evidence of Measles immunization.
  • Academic reference letter from your current Principal or teacher in support of your academic performance and behaviour and attitude in school.
  • A short letter of intent written in English by the student indicating why you would like to study in Canada.
  • If the student is not participating in the Red Deer Catholic Homestay Program, a notarized copy of both the Custodian and Parent/Guardian custodial agreements.

STEP 3: Payment of our $300.00 application fee will be expected as part of our application process. 


Once you are accepted into the program:

STEP 1: You will receive an official letter of acceptance to apply for a Study Permit

Upon receipt of your COMPLETED application package and application fee, we will assess your application. Selected students will be provided with an official letter of acceptance.

This letter can be used in order to apply for a Study Permit from Immigration and Citizenship Canada.

STEP 2: Complete Custodian Documentation

All students under the age of 18 in our program require a legal custodian while studying at Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools. A legal custodian is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident residing in Canada that is over the age of 19.

If custodial agreements are being arranged by the international parents independent of Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools involvement, then also submit:

STEP 3: Complete Homestay Documentation 

If you are interested in the Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools Homestay Program, please complete the Student Homestay Application Form and submit it along with:

  • Homestay placement fee: $500 CAD.

Then get ready to enjoy a great year as a student at Red Deer Catholic International!