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An email was recently sent to all host parents and students regarding important year end information.

Some of the topics included:
1)The designated departure date for students.
2) The last date for NDHS and their final exam schedule is posted on the NDHS website.  Regular classes are in session until Tuesday June 15/16 Please check the NDHS exam schedule link here . 

3) The last date for middle school classes is June 28th with exam week starting June 23. Middle school students will have a slightly modified schedule for classes at that time. Please check with each school to determine the specific schedule.
4) PLEASE NOTE: If students are here for the last day they will be able to pick up their report card to take home. If they are not present report cards are sent electronically after June 30 to the student's agent or the address that is on file. Students requiring validation will receive the validated report by July 25. This impacts some Mexican and Brazil students only.
5)There are a number of year end trips being planned. Some are school specific and some are program specific.       

4) High school students registered in the international program for one year or less and regardless of high school grade placement may attend both the NDHS graduation ceremony and the graduation banquet if one is held.  Students should contact Mrs. Best for more information. However, International students are not allowed to participate in SAFE Grad activities. The SAFE Grad function is not a school sponsored activity and students are not covered through our district liability insurance.

5) As we finish off the year we welcome some final pictures of students in activities, with your family, or visiting locations in Alberta. Students or host families can send them.  Pictures of students/families are by far the most viewed items on our Facebook/Instagram/Twitter pages. There are many ways you can share your photos: you can now post them to our Facebook,Twitter or Instagram using the following:Facebook:
Twitter: Instagram: use our hashtag #StudyatRDCRS  You can also send the attachment  to



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