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Important reminder about Medical Insurance

Ingle International(our international student insurance company) has asked that we remind all participants of the following:

1) Call Intrepid 24/7—every emergency, every time
The Ingle team would like to emphasize that you(or students) must call the emergency assistance team, Intrepid 24/7, if they are visiting an ER and/or undergoing treatment, procedures, or assessments for serious medical conditions. The main reason we ask this is that many high-level emergencies require pre-approval or, at a very minimum, need to have a case file opened.

 Intrepid 24/7 must be notified ASAP if a student:
·         is being hospitalized for any reason
·         requires surgery of any kind (including dental)
·         needs an MRI or CT scan
·         is seeking medical attention of any kind outside of Canada
Intrepid 24/7 should be notified if a student:
·         needs to see a specialist (dermatologist, for example)
·         is going to the ER for any reason

For visits to a local clinic for something minor, a notification call is not required. However, it could help accelerate the claims process, so calling ahead is always encouraged!

Intrepid 24/7 phone numbers:
·         From Canada and the United States, call toll free 1.866.883.9787


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